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  • Happy Boy Charm
    Happy Boy Charm
    from ($184) $129
  • Party of Hearts Charm
    Party of Hearts Charm
    from ($198) $139
  • Classic Infinity Charm
    Classic Infinity Charm
    from ($155) $109
  • Heart Nest Charm
    Heart Nest Charm
    from ($184) $129
  • Circle of Hearts Charm
    Circle of Hearts Charm
    from ($198) $139
  • Baby Steps Charm
    Baby Steps Charm
    from ($184) $129
  • My Teddy Bear Charm
    My Teddy Bear Charm
    from ($198) $139
  • A Mother's Love Caged Charm
    A Mother's Love Caged Charm
    from ($227) $159
  • Happy Girl Charm
    Happy Girl Charm
    from ($184) $129
  • Graduate Cap Charm
    Graduate Cap Charm
    from ($198) $139
  • Beautiful Blossom Caged Charm
    Beautiful Blossom Caged Charm
    from ($227) $159
  • Puzzle Piece of your Heart Charm
    Puzzle Piece of your Heart Charm
    from ($198) $139
  • Double Heart Nest Charm
    Double Heart Nest Charm
    from ($198) $139
  • Protection Hamsa Charm
    Protection Hamsa Charm
    from ($184) $129
  • Engraved Cat's Paw Charm
    Engraved Cat's Paw Charm
    from ($184) $129
  • Apple of my Eye Charm
    Apple of my Eye Charm
    from ($184) $129
  • All Caged Up Charm
    All Caged Up Charm
    from ($184) $129
  • Hearts Mosaic Charm
    Hearts Mosaic Charm
    from ($184) $129
  • BFF Dangling Infinity Charm
    BFF Dangling Infinity Charm
    from ($155) $109
  • Love Dangling Infinity Charm
    Love Dangling Infinity Charm
    from ($155) $109
  • Infinity Charm with Stones
    Infinity Charm with Stones
    from ($198) $139
  • Perfect Woman Charm
    Perfect Woman Charm
    from ($184) $129
  • My Man Charm
    My Man Charm
    from ($184) $129
  • Anchor Charm
    Anchor Charm
    from ($184) $129
  • Lucky Elephant Charm
    Lucky Elephant Charm
    from ($184) $129
  • Bright Eyes - Skull Charm
    Bright Eyes - Skull Charm
    from ($198) $139
  • Wing With Stones Charm
    Wing With Stones Charm
    from ($198) $139
  • Divine Padma Lotus Charm
    Divine Padma Lotus Charm
    from ($227) $159
  • Seven Chakras Charm
    Seven Chakras Charm
    from ($241) $169
  • Clean Lines Charm
    Clean Lines Charm
    from ($184) $129
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Engraved Charms

Engraved charms are an enduring and classical tradition that many people have taken advantage of for years to add meaning, substance, and originality to their pieces of jewellery. You can have your charm engraved in the metal of your choice and customise it to say what is most important to you. By choosing the metal, the stones, and the engraved message, you can create a unique charm for yourself or a loved one. While buying a charm is certainly a wonderful and thoughtful act, engraving that charm is a wonderful way to make it even more special. Engraved charms are a wonderful way to express love, gratitude, or commemorate a special occasion.

Traditionally, it is common for charms to be inscribed with the initials or name of a special person. Nowadays, people still inscribe these basic details, but also enjoy inscribing important dates, or even locations, on their charms. Did you have a memorable trip with a loved one? The date and place of this trip can be inscribed on a charm for a constant reminder and a physical token of something beautiful shared together. Other great dates that are commonly inscribed could be graduation dates, an anniversary, a birthday or any other meaningful and private date. Whatever is inscribed, the simple but classy act of engraving a charm really puts a nice final touch on the whole piece. Going that extra mile to have some form of customisation added to the jewellery makes the charm that much more meaningful. An engraved charm is successful in saying what it is sometimes difficult to say in a card or in person with words. It conveys meaning on a whole different level and marks the charm as special, something to be cherished, and unique. If you have a special memory that you hold dear, a special figure in your life that you want to remember, or a special someone that you want to shower with love, consider customising a charm by having it engraved. This step is one of those actions that really goes above and beyond just the regular piece of jewellery and stirs up emotion.

Featured Charm

Take a look at this featured Teddy Bear charm.

My Teddy Bear Charm

There was a time when a Teddy Bear was one of your best friends and it made you feel safe whenever you held it close to you. This Teddy Bear Charm will be just as special, holding a birthstone on one side and having a name or a love message engraved on his big heart, on the other side. Perfect for kids, new mothers, the teenagers you will always see as beautiful babies!


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